What makes a good Football Betting Site for Malaysia?


Do you like football? Do you bet on the team you support? Where do you place your bets and why?

The question is, what makes a good football betting site for Malaysians?

Different country have different behavior and practices, a good football betting site in Europe dose not mean its suits the consumers in Asia.

Today we dive into the topic of what makes a good football betting site for the Malaysia bettor market. We identify what are the key factors that makes a bettor decide to bet on one sportsbook over another by gathering bettor opinions. This article mainly focus on football betting malaysia and information might not be suitable for viewers of other countries.

1) Size

This one is fairly straight forward, football betting online is a risky business, there are a lot of online scams and unethical online casino operators. Hence, choosing a strong, well known and trusted online sports bookie is key to most bettors.

However, how do we define a online casino to be “large” or “big”?

For sports book specifically, bettors look for the amount of sports book available. If a betting website offers a large verity of sportsbook to choose from, you can feel more confident in them as this means they have a strong partnership with a lot of bookies and are often trust able. Besides, bettors also look for well known sports bookies like IBCbet, Maxbet and SBObet as the name is well reputable and the presense alone is a statement of trust for bettors.

2) Betting Menu

A good quality sportsbook should include a wide verity of betting options for bettors. Aside from the basics, a good football betting site should also include in-play betting and pregame betting.

Besides of in-play and pregame options, a good sportsbook must cover a wide verity of sports(basketball, cricket, ice hockey etc), cover popular or up-coming sports (e-sports) and finally other non-sports related events(financial and elections etc) as well. A sports book with a wide coverage proves that they are serving odds to a much larger population of bettors, which makes it an indicator of trust worthiness.

3) Odds

Another major factor is the odds, obviously if a sports bookie have a large volume of bettors. They might go for the “sell more for less” marketing approach where they give the best odds return rate. This is an absolute win for the bettors as they get maximum return.

The odds offered in a good Malaysia football betting site should be in Asian odds, either handicap or over/under odds. This will allow users to be instantly familiar with the odds rather than requiring them to learn how different odds works.

Where should you bet?

you should place your bets at AFBCash.com, as their sports book complies with all of the important aspects of a football betting site stated above.

AFBCash have been operating for more than 15 years and have a big size of sports book available. (a total of 4 : SBO, AFB, AFB2, IBC)

Moreover, they also offer a wide range of betting menu, basically almost every sports and non sports event is available for bet on AFBCash. They also offer in-play and pregame bets which can come in handly if you wan’t to study the market opinions. see this article on how to win at sports betting.

Finally, they also offer very good return rates for their sports book.